Volatile Alert

XLM climbed 6.7%. Will it keep going or change direction?
AOX.DE shares up over 5.0%
Cryptoasset MANA gains over 7.1%
TKWY.NV shares jump over 8.2%
DOM.ST is up 8.1% for the day. Will it continue to climb or show a correction?
Cryptoasset GALA gains over 8.6%
The cryptoasset SAND is up↑ 8.4%
ORRON.ST shares jump over 7.0%
NAS.OL stock rises 5.2%
The cryptoasset IMX is up↑ 8.5%
DOT rises 7.5% today
APE jumps 10.6% today - trades at $5.4729
CRO climbed 6.1%. Will it keep going or change direction?
MKR jumps 9.2% today - trades at $1,013.49
ESKN.L rises 8.9% -
The cryptoasset TRX is up↑ 4.0%
Cryptoasset ENS gains over 12.9%
The cryptoasset ETC is up↑ 17.2%
PTEC.L share gains as it rises over 8.3%
IRE.MI is tumbling. What do you think will happen next?

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